Kate Prascher is a singer and mandolinist best known for her evocative songwriting. She was thrilled to be named an IBMA Songwriting Showcase finalist in 2021. Inspired by her Tennessee roots and influenced by such master song crafters as Hazel Dickens and Gillian Welch, her new A-side B-side release of The Fox and the River and City of Ghosts showcases her versatility as both writer and performer. 

Ink 19 described Kate’s "delicate and expressive singing" and “intangible vintage feel". Christine King writes,

“Kate Prascher is a jewel waiting to be discovered".

Kate's past work includes her 2019 solo EP Bright Like This, 2016's Almanac recorded with The Tumble and an EP released by The Wildwood Sisters in 2012. She has performed with numerous artists as a singer, mandolinist and duet partner.